My First YSL Lipstick 

I finally made my first high-end purchase on a new YSL Lipstick and I have zero regrets. In fact, I’m over the moon because it’s beautiful and I love it a whole bunch. I’ve been interested in buying one for so long and I’m forever seeing them on other bloggers posts. I bought it from House of Fraser for £23.40 (Normal price £26).

I got mine in the Rouge Pur Couture The Mats collection in the shade 218 Coral Remix. It’s so perfect, the ideal simple nude with pink/beige tones. It leaves a matte finish and it so creamy to wear. Extremely light weight and is comfortable and long wearing. It’s exactly what I want in a lipstick and I’m so pleased with my choice of luxury lipstick. 

I think it’s such a lovely contribution to my makeup collection. I will definitely purchase another at some stage too!  The pictures don’t do it enough justice at all. 

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With love, B x

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