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I love shopping, I really do. I spend so much time browsing the internet looking at things I’d like to buy and the majority of the time I don’t actually buy anything because I want everything and I can’t make my mind up. However, I always go to these specific websites first before any others even if I’m just browsing. I’m definitely a compulsive browser, I just like looking at the new trends but I’m definitely the worst at shopping for clothes. I hate online shopping for clothes unless I know the store well and I know exactly what the size of the clothes are like. My favourite thing to buy is home-ware. I love it so much, I literally only have a room to decorate in university but I’m always buying things that’ll look nice, especially photo frames. Admittedly, I don’t actually do any online shopping often because I’m so impatient and I want to have my things right away but when I know it’s something I can’t get locally, I do give in.  Let me know in the comments what your favourite online stores are.

Online Store #1: New Look.

I recently posted a mini haul and I bought a lot of clothes from New Look. It’s my go to place to shop at because I know that the clothes are good for value and they fit exactly how they should. It’s an affordable shop and it’s always following the seasonal trends. Check out their website here. It’s such an easy website to navigate around and I love that they do a New Look Store Card, I have a £50 maximum on mine which I can use throughout the month and pay back the next month. This is such a useful thing to have as I’m a student and money can be sometimes tight. They also do 10% student discount and I without fail always take advantage of this.

Online Store #2: ASOS.

ASOS are another online store that I rely on, it has a combination of brands that I love and I know that their sizes fit wonderfully. Check it out here. Again, ASOS always follow the seasonal trends and that’s why I like its so much. Not only do ASOS sell clothing but beauty and they have a gifts section. ASOS Market Place is also really good for those who like a vintage look and like to find unique items to add to their wardrobe. I always look at ASOS when I’m looking for a sale or reasonable deal, they also do student discount which is fantastic.

Online Store #3: Feel Unique.

I often buy a lot of beauty products from Feel Unique because they always have sales and deals available to check out. They sell affordable and high-end makeup and skincare and their sales are without fail the best around. Check Feel Unique out here. If you spend over £15 online they will give you free delivery, this is definitely handy for me as I hate paying delivery charges. Another pro for Feel Unique, they provide two free samples for orders over £30 and they price match other competitor prices to make sure you’re getting the best price for your purchases.

Online Store #4: Not On The High Street.

Not On The High Street is a website that I love to go on and have a look at the pretty things, they have such a unique selection of items and they cater for all genders and ages. I love to buy Christmas and birthday gifts from this website just because they’re so unique to anything I’ve ever seen and quite affordable. Some items on this website are a bit expensive but they’re such good quality I often don’t mind spending that extra bit of cash.

Online Store #5: Amazon.

Who doesn’t love Amazon? I know I do! I love amazon for everything, it’s such an inexpensive website and is so easy to use. I buy a lot of used book’s and DVD’s off Amazon because they can be worth so little money. I always buy my phone cases from Amazon too! My current phone case was 99p and is a jelly case and does exactly what I need, I even had free delivery with this case, look here. Amazon Prime is such a useful feature for students and they provide new students a free 6 month period using their service which provides free delivery for all prime orders and full use of the Amazon Prime Video service, which is very similar to Netflix. Check out amazon here if you haven’t already.

These are my favourite online stores that I go to buy everything I need and I repeatedly return to. What’s yours?

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