Frank Body Scrubs

Hi, Guys!

A few weeks ago I decided to try out the Frank Body Scrub, I had heard such good reviews about this product and decided to try and give it ago. I had assumed it would cost a fortune but I was wrong. I bought mine in the Original Coffee Scrub from the Frank Body website for £11.95 with free delivery, check here. It’s available in Original, Coffee, Coconut, and Cacoa. Each purchase contains 200g/7oz. So inexpensive for the amount you’re given and I use a handful of the scrub for my whole body  which I think is fantastic. It’s full of so much goodness like tocopherol (Vitamin E) and sweet almond. It’s wonderful and smells amazing. I bought this expecting it to be just like another body scrub but it was totally different, I found it rougher than any I’ve ever used before but leaves my skin feeling soooooo soft. So soft ugh. I just ah. So in love with Frank and his scrubs. He’s a wonderful human.

It helped to reduce my dry skin, makes my skin so moisturised and feel super healthy. Genuinely think it’s fantastic. However, the biggest issue I have with this product is that it’s really messy to use. The water looked like I had swum around in a muddy puddle. It’s so fun to use though and it made my skin feel so much more healthy. For all you animal lovers out there, Franks Body Scrub is animal-friendly (Vegan) and full of so many natural and organic ingredients. I’m super excited to try out some more of the products available from Frank and especially to buy more of the body scrubs.

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With love, B x


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