Back To University: Budget Stationery

Hey guys,

It’s that time again when I start preparing to go back to university. I attend Aberystwyth University a quiet seaside town far away from any large cities and shopping districts. I’m a childhood studies undergraduate and I spend an awful lot of time writing in notepads, highlighting and trying to find the many lost pens in my room. I know how expensive stationery is and how easy it is to run out. Today’s post is about the budget stationery I buy for the academic year and how I manage not to break the bank.

Over the years I’ve always spent a fortune on stationaery because they were cute and looked pretty. Since I started buying my own things I realised that money really doesn’t last forever and I would have to budget my way through university.  Instead of paying a fortune for stationery I now head to Wilkos and The Works for my stationery and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

To save paper I will almost always use my iPad in my lectures. I downloaded Microsoft PowerPoint on my iPad and it allows me to make fast notes. It’s such a convenient way of living for me as I’m usually always on the go. However, for those who don’t own an iPad there are other alternatives.

I find Wilkos notepads the most ideal for me as they are available in a variety of sizes and are so inexpensive. The functional A5 notepad lined paper is available for 50p, it holds 60 pages. You can purchase it here. I usually buy 2 of these per term to help make notes, to do lists or generally just doodle when I’m procrastinating. I also buy the functional A4 notepad, which is available for 75p. It has 80 pages and I find then to be super helpful for revision. However, the yellow covered books are only available in store, another A4 notepad available is the Wilko A4 refil Page with 80 pages. It is identical to the functional notepad and exactly same price, available here.

I find having a diary much more effective than using my calendar on my iPhone or iPad. I personally feel more comfortable having a hard copy of my weekly activities on me at all times than having something on my phone, just a personal preference really. I use the 16 – 17 diary, a Wilko A5 Academic Diary for only £2, you can get them here. It’s got everything I need, including a section for my timetable.

I use 2 A4 ringbinder’s each academic term to hold all my print outs, assignments, feedback etc. I find this the most useful way to store all my work and to keep me more organised. The more organised I am the more motivated I become to do work. The ones I use are only 50p and I think they’re fantastic, they’re sturdy and practical and keeps all my paperwork neat and tidy. You can purchase these online here.

Throughout the year I must buy countless amounts of pens because I use so many and as well because pens are so easily lost. I’ve started this year off by purchasing the Wilko gel pens for 75p. Buy them here. However, I’m always rushing off to Poundland to buy them too. Another alternative is to use the branded pens for your university, they’re often spread across displays and are available on open/visiting days. They’re free and can be found in numerous areas of your university.

I don’t often use pencils but they’re always useful to have in case of any spontaneous drawing or revision notes. These ones I bought were only 35p (10 pack) and can be purchased online here. They’re strong and are brilliant for everyday at an excellent value.

I use sticky note so often and I like to make sure i’ve got a large selection of them available at all times. They’re so useful to put in book to make sure you don’t miss the line you were reading as well as to make to do lists and reminders. Unfortunately mine are no longer sold in The Works, so i’ve attached alternatives here. They’re brilliant and such good value for money.

I purchased my stapler and hole punch for £4 in The Works. However, I’ve been unable to find them on the website so i’ve attached alternatives for you to purchase here. They can also be purchased individually. For a set however, you can’t go wrong. If find having a stapler and hole punch so useful to have especially for large articles that i’ve got to read. Another alternative would be to use paperclips which are also reusable.

I hope you’ve found this useful! There isn’t any need to splash out a fortune on things that seem pretty, as long as they’re good value and practical for everyday use these items above are affordable and exactly what you need.

If you’re interested I’m available on other social media, check them out:

Instagram: _bbbbethan

Twitter: _bbbethan

With love, B x

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